Guide to damp proofing on a budget - DIY solutions

OK there are a number of things the keen DIYer can do that can help in the identifying the causes of damp, rot or even woodworm.Accurate damp proofing costs

Is there a defect, crack or blockage through which water could be getting in?

  • Check / fix any blockages in the pipes, drainage and gutters especially if they run within a few metres of the damp section. You could find that the problem gets better on its own as if was the build up of water that could no escape that was seeping into the brickwork, then through the plaster and finally through into your wall or ceiling!
  • Make all of those house maintenance repairs you might of been putting off like replacing the guttering, filling any cracks in the walls / window frames, replacing any roof slates that might of come loose (common penetrating damp source)
  • Are there any signs of damp or wet patches (or even mould) on the interior walls of the property? If this is the case then it is more that likely that you have a condensation problem. (See condensation). One solution is a climate control humidifier or as in bathrooms and kitchens an extractor fan.
  • Is your property in an exposed area, or is it older than a 100 years old? If the answer is YES then it may well be time to call Kenwood in as the issues are beyond simple DIY fixes. It is common for older properties to not have any sort of DPC history. It could be that a solution was tried and has failed overtime.


If the DIY techniques do no remove the problem, it is always best to consult Kenwood Plc. Click here for your nearest office.

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